Earning Your Keep

“You deserve a life that’s filled with joy and meaning, prosperity and fulfillment. Yet you can’t expect for others to give it to you.

You deserve the very best in life. And you deserve the priceless experience of working with commitment, determination and persistence to bring it into being.

A free ride is worth precisely what you pay for it. Instead of looking to get stuff for free, honor and respect the immense value of your life by finding ways to give the best you have.

You have already been given the miraculous gift of life. Now is your opportunity to find spectacular fulfillment in earning your keep.

There are great challenges and injustices that will continue to work against you. But there’s no real value to be gained by seeing yourself as a victim.

Instead, see yourself for what you truly are, a loving, caring, unique person who can make a big difference. You owe it to life, and especially to yourself, to make that difference, so work right now to make it in a great big, beautiful way. ”

Ralph Marston – The Daily Motivator




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