Bad Ass Buddies

Brandiland 3


I have Badass buddies! One of them is Brandi. Brandi has a Blog. Each time I read one of her entries I’m struck with the complexity of Brandilin and her willingness to bare her soul. Her blog is “Brandiland” and what a world it is! Take a bit of time to read her latest post – WOW is all I can say… That woman is deep!

Click here: to check it out – or click on the Brandiland tab
Keep reading if you want to know a little more about who she is from my perspective…

She’s a Chilled Chick. One of the things you may not know about us Chilled Chicks is that we’ve been through all the crap that life brings and then some. But Brandi is out there fighting on the front lines everyday. Brandi is one of those phenomenal Spirits; she hails from the land of KickAss in the galaxy of the Goddess Chicks.

Long after the flood has gone, she is still out there dealing with the aftermath in High River. What the news no longer shows is the last remnants of people’s sanity. Imagine being displaced and losing all you have, living in what is a basically refugee camp in the wealthiest part of Canada. imagine your despair triple it, then think of the people who have been there – side by side, offering comfort non-stop every day. Just imagine the energy it requires to keep those people level and functioning, and the crap that must confront social workers …all the social ills magnified then contained in less than a square mile! That would be Brandi and select few others. I have personally seen her metamorphosis when dealing with someone in crisis and thanked all the Gods and the Universe HARD at the time!

Peeps, the color of that woman’s eyes changed!!! The utter calm that descended as a mantle around her was utterly otherworldly. I was instantly humbled in the face of her patience and grace, knowing that I’d be crapping my pants inside with the responsibility of talking someone into wanting to stay alive. Angels come in all shapes and sizes and bodacious like Brandi! They swear, cry, get angry, have sex lives, children, spouses and debt but what they have an abundance of is love and the desire to help others.

I have Badass Buddies.  Brandi is one of them.


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