Can we talk about “surrender” for a moment? I consider myself to be an upward thinking, fairly  free spirited individual. Yet, time and time again the issue of surrender rears its head.  I confess that I’m one of those people who consults my cards when I’m looking for a word of guidance from my guardian angels. Often they remind me to “surrender” and frankly, sometimes I just don’t know what that means.

While just letting things happen may seem like a chill way of life, it’s not one that I’m personally able to incorporate completely. Whether due to a lack of faith or an overabundance of pragmatism, I find it hard to sit on my ass and let the chips fall where they may, or to run with my spirit and just create artwork all day.  Not to mention that our corporate run world doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo. “In order to grow a business I’m required to be present all the time. Blog posts, graphics, production and bills are something that have to be attended to daily. If I let the chips fall where they may I’ll lose any opportunity to create a prosperous life.”

Or is that true? Recently, due to events that are far beyond our control, I felt that I had no choice but to surrender.  Why and what did that mean? When 100 percent of your efforts fail to produce 50% of your needs – it’s time to surrender. To me that meant that I would let go of expectations and things that were out of my control, work on what I could, and make time for things that make my heart sing.

I still made the effort to complete my projects and maintain the essentials, but I let go of the outcome. It dawned on me that once I had done the best I could do with the finest of intentions, I was no longer responsible for the outcome. I couldn’t control the health of one partner nor the disinterest of another. I couldn’t control the economy, the teachers dwindling budgets nor maintain hold of something that was becoming more and more obvious that it wasn’t meant to be (at least in it’s current form).

Letting GO

Surrender also means listening to your body and giving it what it needs to be healthy this also includes feeding your mind and your heart. While things don’t always turn out the way you’d like, if you engage in the practice of surrender, they may turn out better and you may find more happiness.  It can be hard as hell to do though. All our lives we’re taught to strive more and you will mountains. Success, prosperity and abundance are one and the same. Illnesses, finances, life circumstances may beg to differ. You still have to work, but often not as hard as you think to achieve the peace you want.

Ironically, surrendering may require using great discipline! You have to diligently monitor your train of thought and actions. When the thought pops into your heads that you need to or can control everything that is happening to you or around you, that’s when you have to allow ( force) yourself to let that shit go!

Ask yourself realistically:
1.  What were my intentions? Did I do the best that I could with the information and skills I had at the time? Did I act honorably and with integrity?
2. Could I truly have prevented this from happening? Are/were these events beyond my control?
3. What have I learned from the experience? How will I use what I learned in future situations?
4. What can I incorporate in my life to give myself moments of “surrender”? eg. Nature walks, meditation, deep breathing exercise, reading, exploring new hobbies, being creative – journaling, art, music, socializing, etc
5.What can I eliminate to make room for more moments of Surrender?
eg. any business calls  or emails after 7pm, social media immersion after you get home, ditch the cell for a walk or me time activities, turn the tv off, fast food meals (take time to digest your meal), etc.

Let’s be real, the world isn’t suddenly going to do an about face, and if we want to get more out of our lives we have to identify what gives meaning to it and focus on those things however, whenever and where ever we can.

I love my business partners very much but we had to surrender to the fact that for different reasons we weren’t able to donate our time to grow our business. Kim is still working hard at establishing a new life and focusing on getting her health back after a couple of years of extremely trying experiences and Brandi has decided that she no longer wants to pursue this dream of ours for now.

I’ve been creating and using art to illuminate the deeper recesses of my Spirit, maintaining the basic social media functions of Chilled Chicks, working on getting my physical body healthy and my emotional system balanced.  A few commissions have been coming my way for jewelry pieces, a new website has been birthed, another is being re-designed, and long needed renos are being completed. In surrendering, I’m finding myself in a healthier place of self-love and things are still getting done.


Plans are on hold for this year until we know what’s happening and we see where Spirit leads us. One thing that I’ve learned is that it is much more pleasant and a lot easier if you voluntarily make the decision to surrender. Spirit has a way of making you surrender. Better to do it while you’re standing, before you find yourself doing it on your knees.


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