hello 2018

It’s been a long time…

We haven’t been slacking off in the past couple of years, quite the opposite in fact. We’ve been navigating the obstacle course called life. Illness, finances, family events, grief, and separation have honed our skills at ducking, dealing and defeating the seemingly olympian trials that 2016 and 17 brought our way.

2018 is looking a lot better!

We’re weird that way. We see opportunities where some would run and hide. You see, we excel at turning less than desired stuff into pure gold.  As it runs out we’ve been diagnosed with a couple of chronic illnesses resulting in chronic pain (among other things). With some hu,our, a few tears and lots of comparing notes, we’ve managed to get a handle on it all – mostly.

Prescriptions and setbacks slowed us down. One of us had to detox from the what were dangerous and harmful side effects of these prescribed toxins. For a while there it wasn’t looking too pretty. Coincidentally, during this recovery and self discovery period, medical cannabis exploded in Canada. (smiles here)  We, meaning the two of us, decided that it was a course of action that we should take a good look at. We are chilled chicks after all albeit older ones. (Think 50+) We both obtained our medical cards and have slowly brought our individual aches and pain under control.. The rest as they say has become recent history. The pain hasn’t disappeared for either one of us, but we’ve found some relief from the constant aches and wicked pain.

That discovery became extremely relevant to us. Part of our healing process involved spending weekends working together on workshop samples and just creating for the hell of it. This was a long way from working out on the beach, but it became our salvation. We would take our places on either side of the table, share a good mea, have tons of laughs with a couple of cannabis breaks and create art. We learned how to quiet the bark and clobber the bite of the chronic pain monster.

We’re artists and teachers which makes us resilient by trade, crazy by nature and tenacious educators. But we had to face the fact that the days of wrangling in a classroom are gone. Long gone. The desire to teach and share however is ever-present and burning desire – it’s a calling. So we’re embarking on a new phase.

In the future you’ll be seeing articles about how to care for yourself, connections and links to programs that lift the spirit, info on natural health and nutrition.We’re sharing what our experiences are and keeping it real. We’re also creating cannabis friendly creative workshops for med card holders that need to get their asses out of the house when they feel like poop. We promise you’ll feel good when you get here!

And how about an online series for those of us who just can’t make it out to a physical workshop? Have a bit of patience we’ll be rolling it all out slowly, because pacing yourself is one of the keys to feeling good and we’re all healing.

Sending and wishing you the best vibes.

Chilled Chicks



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