Do it, try it, you might enjoy it

Why is it we tell our children that they just need to make an effort at their homework, or that it’s for the pleasure of playing whatever game? I grew up hearing there’s no such word and “can’t”, you got to at least try.

Yet as we grow older the need to not look silly, to not try new things for fear that we won’t like it, starts to permeate our lives. Soon the “I can’t do that” grabs  a hold of us and we begin stagnation. I believe that’s one of the reasons why baby blue eyeshadow and corduroy jackets stuck around for so long – peeps were just to afraid to try something new.
So, life is short folks, and we’re here to experience it.

Seize the day, grab the rope, engage etc… Even if you suck.



tales from Brandiland


When I am having a really bad day (or a really good day), I pull out this dog’s favourite toy and watch him lose his mind over it. Like LOSE his mind. He spends about 10 minutes making out with this toy and just getting to re-know it and everything he loves about it, like he can’t believe his good fortunate every single time he encounters it. I consider this the barometer by which I should have enthusiasm in my life – unbridled and out of control. Imagine if someone encountered you like that every day? I think we would solve the world’s problems in 5 minutes flat.


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