hello 2018

It’s been a long time…

We haven’t been slacking off in the past couple of years, quite the opposite in fact. We’ve been navigating the obstacle course called life. Illness, finances, family events, grief, and separation have honed our skills at ducking, dealing and defeating the seemingly olympian trials that 2016 and 17 brought our way.

2018 is looking a lot better!

We’re weird that way. We see opportunities where some would run and hide. You see, we excel at turning less than desired stuff into pure gold.  As it runs out we’ve been diagnosed with a couple of chronic illnesses resulting in chronic pain (among other things). With some hu,our, a few tears and lots of comparing notes, we’ve managed to get a handle on it all – mostly.

Prescriptions and setbacks slowed us down. One of us had to detox from the what were dangerous and harmful side effects of these prescribed toxins. For a while there it wasn’t looking too pretty. Coincidentally, during this recovery and self discovery period, medical cannabis exploded in Canada. (smiles here)  We, meaning the two of us, decided that it was a course of action that we should take a good look at. We are chilled chicks after all albeit older ones. (Think 50+) We both obtained our medical cards and have slowly brought our individual aches and pain under control.. The rest as they say has become recent history. The pain hasn’t disappeared for either one of us, but we’ve found some relief from the constant aches and wicked pain.

That discovery became extremely relevant to us. Part of our healing process involved spending weekends working together on workshop samples and just creating for the hell of it. This was a long way from working out on the beach, but it became our salvation. We would take our places on either side of the table, share a good mea, have tons of laughs with a couple of cannabis breaks and create art. We learned how to quiet the bark and clobber the bite of the chronic pain monster.

We’re artists and teachers which makes us resilient by trade, crazy by nature and tenacious educators. But we had to face the fact that the days of wrangling in a classroom are gone. Long gone. The desire to teach and share however is ever-present and burning desire – it’s a calling. So we’re embarking on a new phase.

In the future you’ll be seeing articles about how to care for yourself, connections and links to programs that lift the spirit, info on natural health and nutrition.We’re sharing what our experiences are and keeping it real. We’re also creating cannabis friendly creative workshops for med card holders that need to get their asses out of the house when they feel like poop. We promise you’ll feel good when you get here!

And how about an online series for those of us who just can’t make it out to a physical workshop? Have a bit of patience we’ll be rolling it all out slowly, because pacing yourself is one of the keys to feeling good and we’re all healing.

Sending and wishing you the best vibes.

Chilled Chicks



The Chronic Pain Funk 

When you have chronic pain you make excuses.  It’s inevitable.

The pain creeps up on you and cancels your plans. It may be escorted by depression and fatigue. After a while your friends think your blowing them off and you stop getting those invites. You’re no longer comfortable sitting for hours at a movie or chatting. and you can forget events that require you to stand for the duration. Even with the best of intentions, a flare can knock the wind out of your sails pretty quickly.

What You Want, Really, Really Want….

You want a community of people who understand what you’re going through.

You don’t want to deal with stigma, drama or anything that’s going to piss you off or make you sad.

You want to laugh. You need to laugh!

You want to create something  without being intimidated

You don’t want to drop a lot of cash, cause – life

You want to make something meaningful, beautiful, and soul lifting

You want to not feel pain for a few hours (days if possible)

You want to be creative when the time is good for you

You want what a recipe for making your soul feel good.


Some help

Join a group or community that you share an interest with.

Make sure that the people/community you decide to join have no judgements about your illness, or your decided course of wellness whether it’s cannabis or other natural remedies or pharmaceuticals.

There are a few artists offering free workshops online that are very  empowering. These are a good way of taking your time to create projects you choose, and they allow you to participate at times that are god for your schedule. They also most often include a community of like-minded people. Many are uplifting or soul shifting projects in nature./

If you have mobility and inclination sign up for a workshop outside the home. Mobility, socializing and creative practice are all components to good overall health and wellness for those with chronic illnesses.  Look for our upcoming workshops this spring…

Personal experience, classroom observations and research data show that the act of creating lessens pain, heightens pleasure and stimulates serotonin. I have seen Parkinson patients in my classes have their tremors completely cease when they pick up a paintbrush. One client who suffers from completely body tremors requiring assistance to walk at times comes to mind. He is draw linear lines freehand when he has a paintbrush in hand. Many clients reported a decrease or absence of pain when engaged in a creative project.

The seven realms of a positive life experience for people with chronic pain are:
medication/medical – support community/social interaction – exercise/movement – spiritual practice – nutrition – healthy sleep ethic – creative pursuits
I’ll be discussing the seven realm in detail in upcoming posts.

And finally don’t be so hard on yourself. Worrying can intensify your physical pain.
Accept your limitations, know when to relax.




Give Yourself Permission

You never know what kind of sacrifices a person has to make to lead the semblance of a “normal” life.


Here at Chilled Chicks we have had this conversation too many times to count. One never knows glancing at another in passing, what their inner battles might be. Some people suffer in silence with depression and anxiety. The very thought of pulling it together to show face can be overwhelming and exhausting. There are no words for the sheer energy expelled to lift yourhead off the pillow and put on the false face of normalcy.

Then there are the growing number that we are struggling with; chronic pain, FMS and a host of other physically debilitating, misdiagnosed ailments. Your head and your heart want to get out there, connect, socialize, celebrate, create or just be able to do the day to day mundane things that need to be done.384717049ee69f2691498e721901ca53Here’s the price that you know you might pay though and it’s pretty steep. You have to knowingly choose to live a life knowing that one day of shopping, running around and a dinner will undoubtedly lead to the following day feeling like you need to be in traction and that with every beat of your heart,  the pain marches to a more chaotic beat. It may also leave you sweating, grunting and breathless.


Whatever your strug4924dc08a8709ab6d7bc7d02ff39c72dgles, do you stop living or do you push your way through knowing that you’ll feel like you’ve been kicked in the ass the next day? Some things are worth giving yourself permission to live in the moment. Get up and go out, have some fun, let your loved one take you to supper or a show, knowing that thenext day you may be on your on the couch. Honor yourself in as many ways as you can.

Give yourself permission to chill your ass out the next day with no regrets. Inform your tribe that they need to pick up some slack and show some understanding. Share your pain, accept help, take a stand for your own wellbeing and most of all  – Give yourself permission to live well and have fun.

Mama Nature is a Real Babe!

We were chatting the other night about how much all the images on social media are downright depressing. Please don’t get me wrong. Our world has all sorts of ills – violence, warfare, atrocities a, poverty, etc and we need should be informed. But, does the constant onslaught of negative images, perpetuate the problems? What if we chose to look beneath the surface to focus on the untarnished foundation; Mama Earth

Bear with me here, but I watched Tomorrowland a few days ago and something the villain said stuck with me. We gobble up the negative images of doom and feed them  with our attention.  As we know anything that gets fed a steady diet of empty calories will grow and grow! Most of the ugly imagery that bombards us are essentially due to humans. We neglect the wonder and magic of our environment and existence. Like a mother maybe neglected; we forget that she is a beautiful, loving, and extremely sensual female at her core.

Moon, Milky Way, Song Saa Island, Cambodia

Moon, Milky Way, Song Saa Island, Cambodia

.Mama Nature is a Real Babe! Oh yeah she is! From the tips and peaks of her gorgeous mountains to depths of her flowing seas. Generous, bountiful, and deeply sensual, she in the embodiment of beauty. Wise, and wonderful, vengeful and intense, lighthearted and playful this female has everything anyone could want in a planet.  It goes without saying that we she has earned our deepest respect. She is sexy as hell, and her beauty is unmatched . Let’s face it she’s the greatest potential porn star of all time!

Bridges Park, Ireland

I can relate her on a deep level, as a woman and a mother. I’ve heard her heartbeat and I know that she lives,  breathes and feels. I also feel that the way women are currently being treated and her struggle are one in the same. After all aren’t we both divinely female? I imagine that when we decide to truly honor either our human females or our Mama Earth, that both will thrive, and we will turn the page on the current Age of Destruction. The Feminine is about birthing the new, nurturing and evolution.

Australia's Slot Canyons

The Age of the Divine Feminine is here we’re told. Perhaps the last throes of resistance is the explanation for the rise in violence against women and our Mama Earth. Just as women everywhere are waking up to their power, so is Mama Earth gathering her strength. Global warming is our  poor interpretation of the fire in her breast and is really a sign of how thoroughly pissed off she is. I would imagine that if she was incarnate  as human she’d be thinking of a divorce from the human race, a new wardrobe and hairstyle. Not to be facetious but, ladies you know that when we cut our hair  – Look out! There’s some thunder & lightning coming on the horizon and we’re about to shake things up!! If Mama aint’ Happy, no one is gonna be, and she’s pissed! I bet you often find yourself feeling angrier too.


She’s a beautiful woman and deserves to be treated as such; her wardrobe is stunning, she always has an incredible presence, her creative skills are flawless and she radiates wisdom. Our Mama Earth is an independent woman who is fierce! She represents us as we do her. Love her and you Love yourself.  Let’s feed her fire. She every woman, she is spectacular, and she is stunning!

Mother Nature, Portugal



Can we talk about “surrender” for a moment? I consider myself to be an upward thinking, fairly  free spirited individual. Yet, time and time again the issue of surrender rears its head.  I confess that I’m one of those people who consults my cards when I’m looking for a word of guidance from my guardian angels. Often they remind me to “surrender” and frankly, sometimes I just don’t know what that means.

While just letting things happen may seem like a chill way of life, it’s not one that I’m personally able to incorporate completely. Whether due to a lack of faith or an overabundance of pragmatism, I find it hard to sit on my ass and let the chips fall where they may, or to run with my spirit and just create artwork all day.  Not to mention that our corporate run world doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo. “In order to grow a business I’m required to be present all the time. Blog posts, graphics, production and bills are something that have to be attended to daily. If I let the chips fall where they may I’ll lose any opportunity to create a prosperous life.”

Or is that true? Recently, due to events that are far beyond our control, I felt that I had no choice but to surrender.  Why and what did that mean? When 100 percent of your efforts fail to produce 50% of your needs – it’s time to surrender. To me that meant that I would let go of expectations and things that were out of my control, work on what I could, and make time for things that make my heart sing.

I still made the effort to complete my projects and maintain the essentials, but I let go of the outcome. It dawned on me that once I had done the best I could do with the finest of intentions, I was no longer responsible for the outcome. I couldn’t control the health of one partner nor the disinterest of another. I couldn’t control the economy, the teachers dwindling budgets nor maintain hold of something that was becoming more and more obvious that it wasn’t meant to be (at least in it’s current form).

Letting GO

Surrender also means listening to your body and giving it what it needs to be healthy this also includes feeding your mind and your heart. While things don’t always turn out the way you’d like, if you engage in the practice of surrender, they may turn out better and you may find more happiness.  It can be hard as hell to do though. All our lives we’re taught to strive more and you will mountains. Success, prosperity and abundance are one and the same. Illnesses, finances, life circumstances may beg to differ. You still have to work, but often not as hard as you think to achieve the peace you want.

Ironically, surrendering may require using great discipline! You have to diligently monitor your train of thought and actions. When the thought pops into your heads that you need to or can control everything that is happening to you or around you, that’s when you have to allow ( force) yourself to let that shit go!

Ask yourself realistically:
1.  What were my intentions? Did I do the best that I could with the information and skills I had at the time? Did I act honorably and with integrity?
2. Could I truly have prevented this from happening? Are/were these events beyond my control?
3. What have I learned from the experience? How will I use what I learned in future situations?
4. What can I incorporate in my life to give myself moments of “surrender”? eg. Nature walks, meditation, deep breathing exercise, reading, exploring new hobbies, being creative – journaling, art, music, socializing, etc
5.What can I eliminate to make room for more moments of Surrender?
eg. any business calls  or emails after 7pm, social media immersion after you get home, ditch the cell for a walk or me time activities, turn the tv off, fast food meals (take time to digest your meal), etc.

Let’s be real, the world isn’t suddenly going to do an about face, and if we want to get more out of our lives we have to identify what gives meaning to it and focus on those things however, whenever and where ever we can.

I love my business partners very much but we had to surrender to the fact that for different reasons we weren’t able to donate our time to grow our business. Kim is still working hard at establishing a new life and focusing on getting her health back after a couple of years of extremely trying experiences and Brandi has decided that she no longer wants to pursue this dream of ours for now.

I’ve been creating and using art to illuminate the deeper recesses of my Spirit, maintaining the basic social media functions of Chilled Chicks, working on getting my physical body healthy and my emotional system balanced.  A few commissions have been coming my way for jewelry pieces, a new website has been birthed, another is being re-designed, and long needed renos are being completed. In surrendering, I’m finding myself in a healthier place of self-love and things are still getting done.


Plans are on hold for this year until we know what’s happening and we see where Spirit leads us. One thing that I’ve learned is that it is much more pleasant and a lot easier if you voluntarily make the decision to surrender. Spirit has a way of making you surrender. Better to do it while you’re standing, before you find yourself doing it on your knees.

International Women’s Day

You are Beautiful.

There are so many messages about Beauty bombarding us daily. We feel quite simply that it comes from the inside. Being authentic, confident, honest, enjoying the simple pleasures laughing, leading a healthy existence; physical, emotional and spiritual – all those are elements of  self love. When you love yourself; not on a superficial level, but truly love the person you are  inside  – you will glow with a the light of real Beauty.  Celebrate your self every day. Use the phrase “I am Beautiful” as a daily mantra.   International Women’s Day is every day!

 I am Beautiful

We’re back! New Look and New Pace


In the past nine months, to say that we’ve been through changes would be a gross understatement. It has been a trying time for the tribe.- recession based financial losses, health and family issues have deeply affected all os us in 2015. We’ve cried a lot between us, lost one of our sisters and still managed to have a few laughs along the way. We realized that we were falling into a trap of doing the exact opposite of our mission. We were not taking the time for self-care, we were worrying about circumstances that we couldn’t change and we were running far ahead of our capacity.

So we we’re taking a leisurely step back and focusing on getting healthy, developing an epic emporium of goods and working on spirit altering events and workshops. Along the way we’ll be sharing pics  and blogging about our experiences – good and otherwise.  A lot of groups encourage personal development and spiritual growth through complete and absolute positive focus. The reality is that our life journey are made up of  both positive and negative experiences and everything in bwtween. It is through sharing our stories that we lend strength to others by letting them know that we understand.

While we can share our experiences and talents with our tribe, it is in the exchange of energies that we learn and evolve. So, Cheers! Let’s have a toast to the next leg of our journeys and take this opportunity to support each other by keeping it real through the good, the bad, the heartbreaking and the wonderfully outlandish things that life throws at us.