We’re back! New Look and New Pace


In the past nine months, to say that we’ve been through changes would be a gross understatement. It has been a trying time for the tribe.- recession based financial losses, health and family issues have deeply affected all os us in 2015. We’ve cried a lot between us, lost one of our sisters and still managed to have a few laughs along the way. We realized that we were falling into a trap of doing the exact opposite of our mission. We were not taking the time for self-care, we were worrying about circumstances that we couldn’t change and we were running far ahead of our capacity.

So we we’re taking a leisurely step back and focusing on getting healthy, developing an epic emporium of goods and working on spirit altering events and workshops. Along the way we’ll be sharing pics  and blogging about our experiences – good and otherwise.  A lot of groups encourage personal development and spiritual growth through complete and absolute positive focus. The reality is that our life journey are made up of  both positive and negative experiences and everything in bwtween. It is through sharing our stories that we lend strength to others by letting them know that we understand.

While we can share our experiences and talents with our tribe, it is in the exchange of energies that we learn and evolve. So, Cheers! Let’s have a toast to the next leg of our journeys and take this opportunity to support each other by keeping it real through the good, the bad, the heartbreaking and the wonderfully outlandish things that life throws at us.

Gather in Groups Large and Small…

There’s a theory or call it cliché that women can’t get along with each other and that a group of females cannot possibly be harmonic. In reality it is quite the contrary. There is a growing awareness among women of our unique powers and the absolute fortification of being connected to a circle of women. The time has come for women to gather in groups large and small. We need to exchange ideas and stories which each other in order to grow stronger, confident, and self assured in the magical essence of being female. It is our nature, or inheritance; historically women have primarily drawn their strength from other women. We will continue to celebrate our femininity and joyfully embrace every aspect of being woman.

The isolation of body image, dependence, codependence, motherhood, divorcedom and single mama status is a construct created by a society that no longer recognizes the power in female “knowing”. Systematically women have been relegated to the position of the lesser. When we believe that, we create the conditions for the poison to spread.

There is magic yet to be had in our world and we are the magicians, the mothers of creation, the witches and the guardian angels of future humanity. Gather in groups large and small. ~chilled chicks

Growing Together

In the process of creating “Chilled Chicks”  we have laughed, talked, collaborated and lost many hours of sleep.

We are friends, who were brought together by circumstance and have rapidly become sisters. Now if you know sisters, you know that sometimes they don’t agree.  We nag each other, and occasionally piss each other off all the while knowing that there’s a love and respect between us.  Heaven help the person who tries to do the same to one of us; fur flying we’re ready to defend each other at a moment’s notice.

Women have a special connection when they gather together and become sisters of the heart.  We find common experiences that allow us to laugh and share stories.  The nurturing aspect of our personalities allows us to comfort each other in a way  that is solely feminine. As mothers, grandmothers, lovers, wives we spend many hours performing  ‘acts of service’  as responsibility and demonstrations of love.  We most often receive our source support  from other women.  The first question asked by any woman when walking in to the kitchen of her hostess is “Do you need any help”? Many women instinctively offer support and comfort to others.

In the course of this journey of ours I’ve learned a lot about trust and support. I’m learning not to take things too personally, and confidence in my choices. Most of all I believe we’re all learning to walk the walk of  practicing what we believe in, and more importantly we’re connecting with other women in a supportive way.  Stressed we may sometimes be with all the demands but there’s a bounce in our steps because we’re creating something we love together. We’re learning how strong we are and testing our limits while having and lending support on our journey.  This is ultimately what we want to share with others. We are discovering unknown talents, finding more strengths each day, acknowledging our weaknesses while knowing that no one person can be all things. We are growing individually and together simultaneously.

Oh, it’s not always peachy with a group of women; politics, insecurities and misunderstandings occur wherever you find humans. However when you can take the step to let your heart lead and follow that need to nurture, support and be supported – wonderful things happen and new seeds  start to grow.  We are after all the bearers of  the seeds of new life.  Divine Feminine indeed!

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