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tales from Brandiland


When I am having a really bad day (or a really good day), I pull out this dog’s favourite toy and watch him lose his mind over it. Like LOSE his mind. He spends about 10 minutes making out with this toy and just getting to re-know it and everything he loves about it, like he can’t believe his good fortunate every single time he encounters it. I consider this the barometer by which I should have enthusiasm in my life – unbridled and out of control. Imagine if someone encountered you like that every day? I think we would solve the world’s problems in 5 minutes flat.


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A brilliant response to the most recent mass killing in L.A…

In response to the most recent mass killing in L.A. where the killer claims his motivation is “revenge on all women”, Twitter has a feed tagged #yesallwomen in which the following is just one of the rebuttals women have about being treated as the lesser sex and refusing to be blamed yet again as the downfall of the male ego.

A powerful read indeed…

Happy Nurturers Day

There are many women today who have lost their mothers or their children; maybe they never had children as much as they longed and tried for one; for some they may not have had the Mom they wanted or deserved. Today won’t have roses and candy for many. I salute each and every woman today who has nurtured a living being whether it was a kitten,a flower or a person. Know that you helped something or someone to grow.