Let’s make Valentine’s Day a day for everyone, instead of making singles feel miserable and inadequate | Toronto Star

Remember grade school, when everyone received a valentine? Widening the scope of this most romantic holiday could take the sting out for single people. ~Emma Teitel

I think it’s safe to say that no holiday has been looked forward to less in the history of holidays than Valentine’s Day, except maybe Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement — though I’m sure there are lovesick people out there who’d prefer fasting in a synagogue to eating their feelings in front of the TV on February 14.

Don’t believe me? V Day is apparently so distressing for some (especially those who suffer from “anuptaphobia,” the fear of being single forever) that restaurants have taken to offering food specials specifically designed not for smitten couples, but for jaded singles.

Hooters, for example, a dining establishment that doesn’t immediately jump to mind when you think about romantic love, now offers a promotion called “Shred ‘Em and Forget ‘Em,” whereby customers can bring a photo of an ex lover into the restaurant on Valentine’s Day and enlist a Hooters employee to help them “shred” said photo, after which they can redeem the tattered paper remains of their ex-beau for 10 boneless chicken wings. Unfortunately the event takes place at “participating locations” only, which is a shame, because I don’t think I can imagine anything sadder than a recently dumped, heartbroken person arriving at their local Hooters with a photo of an ex only to be told, “Sorry, that deal isn’t valid at this restaurant. No Buffalo chicken for you.” Wing-less and alone: It’s a fate I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Despite what you may have heard, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be synonymous with loneliness for people who haven’t found romantic love, because it doesn’t have to be synonymous with romantic love at all. The advantage of a Hallmark holiday with almost zero religious significance is that it’s open to re-imagination. It’s not exactly sacred.

At the risk of offending anti-PC types wary of “snowflakes,” I’d like to make the case that, in order to alleviate and maybe even put an end to the Valentine’s Day Blues, adults take an inclusive, grade-school approach to V Day, the kind of approach where everybody with a pulse gets a box of cinnamon hearts and a cheesy card. The kind of approach where you buy your wife a pair of sexy underwear, but you buy your best pal a pair of practical undies while you’re at it, and you take him out for dinner and toast to the power of friendship. Or if you’re so inclined, you take out a sibling, or a parent or a grandparent or the guy who shovels your driveway.

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In other words, you take a page out of the book of Glad Day, an LGBTQ bookstore and restaurant in Toronto’s Church and Wellesley Village that is offering a prix fixe pasta dinner this V Day for anybody who comes through the door, regardless of their relationship status. From the bookstore’s Facebook page: “Want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in (a) space where you won’t be judged? Not only will Glad Day be free of homophobia and transphobia — we are also a great place for you to celebrate any configuration of love! So whether it’s romantic, familial or friendship love you are celebrating, whether you are a couple, a group or solo, whether your love is something that knows no bounds . . . we are here for you.”

There is no reason Valentine’s Day, as a rule, has to make unattached people feel inadequate and miserable. This is especially true if we shift the holiday’s theme from one of strictly romantic love to one of love in general, romantic and otherwise. Will this dilute the holiday’s spirit and encourage corporations to try to sell us even more useless V-Day-themed merchandise? Absolutely. But who cares. We’re already swimming in it anyway. I might understand the impulse to curse the existence of V Day or to ignore the holiday altogether if there was any chance that loathing it and pretending it didn’t exist might actually make it cease to exist. But it’s here to stay. The best way then, to make it bearable for all, and who knows, maybe even kind of fun, is to celebrate platonic bonds on February 14 and give everybody, no matter their relationship status, the perks of unconditional love — from cinnamon hearts to boneless Buffalo chicken wings.


Source: Let’s make Valentine’s Day a day for everyone, instead of making singles feel miserable and inadequate | Toronto Star


Mama Nature is a Real Babe!

We were chatting the other night about how much all the images on social media are downright depressing. Please don’t get me wrong. Our world has all sorts of ills – violence, warfare, atrocities a, poverty, etc and we need should be informed. But, does the constant onslaught of negative images, perpetuate the problems? What if we chose to look beneath the surface to focus on the untarnished foundation; Mama Earth

Bear with me here, but I watched Tomorrowland a few days ago and something the villain said stuck with me. We gobble up the negative images of doom and feed them  with our attention.  As we know anything that gets fed a steady diet of empty calories will grow and grow! Most of the ugly imagery that bombards us are essentially due to humans. We neglect the wonder and magic of our environment and existence. Like a mother maybe neglected; we forget that she is a beautiful, loving, and extremely sensual female at her core.

Moon, Milky Way, Song Saa Island, Cambodia

Moon, Milky Way, Song Saa Island, Cambodia

.Mama Nature is a Real Babe! Oh yeah she is! From the tips and peaks of her gorgeous mountains to depths of her flowing seas. Generous, bountiful, and deeply sensual, she in the embodiment of beauty. Wise, and wonderful, vengeful and intense, lighthearted and playful this female has everything anyone could want in a planet.  It goes without saying that we she has earned our deepest respect. She is sexy as hell, and her beauty is unmatched . Let’s face it she’s the greatest potential porn star of all time!

Bridges Park, Ireland

I can relate her on a deep level, as a woman and a mother. I’ve heard her heartbeat and I know that she lives,  breathes and feels. I also feel that the way women are currently being treated and her struggle are one in the same. After all aren’t we both divinely female? I imagine that when we decide to truly honor either our human females or our Mama Earth, that both will thrive, and we will turn the page on the current Age of Destruction. The Feminine is about birthing the new, nurturing and evolution.

Australia's Slot Canyons

The Age of the Divine Feminine is here we’re told. Perhaps the last throes of resistance is the explanation for the rise in violence against women and our Mama Earth. Just as women everywhere are waking up to their power, so is Mama Earth gathering her strength. Global warming is our  poor interpretation of the fire in her breast and is really a sign of how thoroughly pissed off she is. I would imagine that if she was incarnate  as human she’d be thinking of a divorce from the human race, a new wardrobe and hairstyle. Not to be facetious but, ladies you know that when we cut our hair  – Look out! There’s some thunder & lightning coming on the horizon and we’re about to shake things up!! If Mama aint’ Happy, no one is gonna be, and she’s pissed! I bet you often find yourself feeling angrier too.


She’s a beautiful woman and deserves to be treated as such; her wardrobe is stunning, she always has an incredible presence, her creative skills are flawless and she radiates wisdom. Our Mama Earth is an independent woman who is fierce! She represents us as we do her. Love her and you Love yourself.  Let’s feed her fire. She every woman, she is spectacular, and she is stunning!

Mother Nature, Portugal

Right there under your nose

To be totally honest, we’ve been put through our paces in the past three months.  collectively we’ve experienced illnesses, break ups,  some financial woes, the passing of a beloved family member and a sudden plethora of puppies! Throughout all the trials we have remained (mostly) positive, supportive and creative in tackling all the hurdles so far. we are a team, and now family.

Every once in while the Universe surprises us with an unexpected bonus. I think of it as incentive to keep on going; a sneak peek of of what zero stress feels like. Yesterday was one of those days. We had an unexpected and thoroughly soul recharging experience. I hooked up with a friend of mine who has studied yoga all over the world last week, and he offered to give us a class a few days later.  A couple of us decided during our early morning meeting to go for a walk and scout out a place near the river to have our session. As luck would have it we found the perfect spot on a sandbar.  We were so thrilled with our discover that we kept on walking the beach for another hour and a half.

Here’s Kim looking for a heart stones, camera in hand (her third hand)…



Found one!

After lunch we all gathered and walked back to beach.  Yeah that’s right a beach in Alberta! The weather was perfect; 25 degrees and breeze blowing off the river.


Here’s a shot of our Yoga teacher, Brian Dickson. He is a most talented man.  I saw his aura that day, it was blue and ringed with gold…




Kim did most of class then snuck around us snapping pics.




We’ve all been dreaming of clear blue skies, and turquoise Caribbean seas.
We had been wondering about yoga by sea and the sound of the waves under a hot tropical sun.
We found all those things in my own backyard, on a whim and a chance circumstance!  It is those moments that keep us going.
They are the moments in between our thoughts that our Yogi puts emphasis on during meditation.

When I give it more thought I think that it was more than a carrot to keep us on track .
It was a message to all of us that often what we dream of is right under our noses.