Give Yourself Permission

You never know what kind of sacrifices a person has to make to lead the semblance of a “normal” life.


Here at Chilled Chicks we have had this conversation too many times to count. One never knows glancing at another in passing, what their inner battles might be. Some people suffer in silence with depression and anxiety. The very thought of pulling it together to show face can be overwhelming and exhausting. There are no words for the sheer energy expelled to lift yourhead off the pillow and put on the false face of normalcy.

Then there are the growing number that we are struggling with; chronic pain, FMS and a host of other physically debilitating, misdiagnosed ailments. Your head and your heart want to get out there, connect, socialize, celebrate, create or just be able to do the day to day mundane things that need to be done.384717049ee69f2691498e721901ca53Here’s the price that you know you might pay though and it’s pretty steep. You have to knowingly choose to live a life knowing that one day of shopping, running around and a dinner will undoubtedly lead to the following day feeling like you need to be in traction and that with every beat of your heart,  the pain marches to a more chaotic beat. It may also leave you sweating, grunting and breathless.


Whatever your strug4924dc08a8709ab6d7bc7d02ff39c72dgles, do you stop living or do you push your way through knowing that you’ll feel like you’ve been kicked in the ass the next day? Some things are worth giving yourself permission to live in the moment. Get up and go out, have some fun, let your loved one take you to supper or a show, knowing that thenext day you may be on your on the couch. Honor yourself in as many ways as you can.

Give yourself permission to chill your ass out the next day with no regrets. Inform your tribe that they need to pick up some slack and show some understanding. Share your pain, accept help, take a stand for your own wellbeing and most of all  – Give yourself permission to live well and have fun.


Thriving to Help Our Community!

Thriving to Help our Community: Chilled Chicks and GoFundMe


Despite our name we’re well aware that it isn’t easy to be a chilled person in today’s world!

Chilled Chicks is an innovative new company that uses group settings and art activities that create opportunities for women  to support each other, create community and get to know and appreciate themselves better. Research has shown that when people are connected to community, they have a higher motivation to support it and continue to grow within it. We also know that using the creative parts of our brains lends to a higher efficiency of learning and applying new concepts. When one woman has increased capacity in her life, through strength awareness and positive language, she passes this on to other women who pass it on to their families. It is a domino effect of change. We’ve seen it happen! We’d like to put that in action.

Who are we?

We are a trio of women with varying backgrounds and loads of experience – social work, education, art and holistic healing . We have created unique workshops that educate about self-esteem, self-awareness and storytelling, employing a one of a kind blend of western and eastern philosophies.  This process guides people through an enlightening morning of education, connection and an afternoon of accessible art to integrate the morning’s teachings.

In short, our mission is to support women and benefit everyone in our communities! We aim to do this with:

●       Workshops like Everyday Supehero, Uniquely You, Skilss for Serentiy, and Art offerings like Magic Mandalas and Spirit Medicine bags.

●       Custom tailored workshops for each group’s needs no matter who they are in every sector of our population – corporate team building, organizations, family or friend events as well as schools

●     Education and Art that anyone can wrap a paintbrush or pencil crayon around (yes, even you : )

●    Daily inspiration and motivation on our Facebook Page , Our Blog ,Pinterest, Brandiland  and Twitter

●       We use a percentage of our profits to support non-profit organizations

What some of our guests have shared:

“I’m walking away feeling peaceful, grounded and understood. Thank you so much for this experience!”

“I feel not only closer to my own spirit, also feel closer to all of the beautiful ladies here today. I feel discovered.”

“It made me feel 1000x more creative and feeling very blessed to have those ladies in the world.”

“Lifted my spirits, made me aware of myself and those around me.”

“I can’t wait to bring my mother in, she will love it!”

What we will use our funding for:

● We want to be able to move forward on sontracts that have been proposed by loac school at the beginning of the school year in 2015

●      Development of community workshops for non-profit organizations. starting in Fall 2015
●       Access to technology such as laptops, printers and cameras that our clients can use.

●       Purchase of increased variety of art supplies &  mediums.

●       Advertising and paid social media campaigns to increase the capacity of our workshops.

●      Printed materials and development of downloadable workshops for teachers, students and personal use.

●       Operating costs for the art studio associated with developing and expanding the artspace.

●       Mobile expansion of the company outside of our art studio in Bragg Creek

●       Continued  development  of products that support the long term beneficial health of individuals including aromatherapy and essential oil products, holistic jewelry and items to boost the spirit.

You can help us reach our goal by simply sharing our story  – Chilled Chicks GoFundMe Campaign

A brilliant response to the most recent mass killing in L.A…

In response to the most recent mass killing in L.A. where the killer claims his motivation is “revenge on all women”, Twitter has a feed tagged #yesallwomen in which the following is just one of the rebuttals women have about being treated as the lesser sex and refusing to be blamed yet again as the downfall of the male ego.

A powerful read indeed…