Our Mission

Despite the simplicity of our name, we recognize that’s it’s not easy to be a chilled chick these days.

We have often wondered among ourselves how do we slow things down and get the maximum enjoyment out of our lives? Ironically, the answer was right there in the asking – we found as we spent time together, brought our woes and our worries together,vented,  offered perspectives and ideas together and laughed…really laughed together, that joy landed right there in the middle of us. Women have an innate ability to heal each other but our tribes have moved further apart, sometimes geographically, sometimes emotionally. Life is so busy these days, it’s easy to get lost right there in the middle of what you’re looking for.

We want to have as many  women as we can have a taste of our experiences together – the warmth and unity that we have achieved while working on this project will come through, we are sure, when you stop by.  We are not experts nor do we hold a PHD in happiness. We all have struggled through difficult and sometimes tragic circumstances and had the privilege to land (and occasionally crash) in some wise and wonderful company that showed us the gifts of these struggles. We believe all women are capable of this experience. We would like to offer a beginning to awaken these skills within you. Through the creative process of learning who you are and what gifts you bring to the table, you begin to understand, accept and love yourself.

Our mission is to support women in supporting women! We do it with Encouragement, community, humour, and creativity.

  • Art Circles, photo hikes, gatherings,  aromatherapy, pendulums, skills for serenity –  laughing and creating while working learning and playing together
  • We offer daily inspiration and motivation on our Facebook Page, Our Blog, Pinterest and Twitter
  • Anyone can wrap a paintbrush or pencil crayon around having a good time.  You too!
    : )


Group Portait
photographer ~ unkown

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