Gather in Groups Large and Small…

There’s a theory or call it cliché that women can’t get along with each other and that a group of females cannot possibly be harmonic. In reality it is quite the contrary. There is a growing awareness among women of our unique powers and the absolute fortification of being connected to a circle of women. The time has come for women to gather in groups large and small. We need to exchange ideas and stories which each other in order to grow stronger, confident, and self assured in the magical essence of being female. It is our nature, or inheritance; historically women have primarily drawn their strength from other women. We will continue to celebrate our femininity and joyfully embrace every aspect of being woman.

The isolation of body image, dependence, codependence, motherhood, divorcedom and single mama status is a construct created by a society that no longer recognizes the power in female “knowing”. Systematically women have been relegated to the position of the lesser. When we believe that, we create the conditions for the poison to spread.

There is magic yet to be had in our world and we are the magicians, the mothers of creation, the witches and the guardian angels of future humanity. Gather in groups large and small. ~chilled chicks


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